About Us

In 1941, the Saginaw Division of General Motors designed and built the world’s first ball screw assembly specifically designed and made to actuate wing flaps on the legendary “super Fortress” bomber.  The success of that application established the Saginaw name as the leader in reliable high performance linear actuation technology.  Today the technology and its product lines are coupled with responsive customer service in the Thomson Aerospace and Defense ball screw company (Linear Motion LLC), still located on the original site in Saginaw Michigan,   Thomson Saginaw became a household name in the ball screw business when Thomson Industries acquired the business from General Motors in 1987.

Over the years, Thomson Aerospace and Defense has grown internationally as an industry leader in the design, development, and production of equipment for Critical Military Systems, Commercial Transport, Business Jet, and General Aviation aircraft. Leading edge Ball Screw Design and Development for over 50 years Products – Ball Screws 12mm – 200mm Mechanical assemblies, actuation.

As a part of that international growth, Saginaw’s sister facility in Barnstaple, Devon, England know as IBL was brought into the family.  IBL ( International Ball Screws Limited) was first formed in July 1979.  Under Thomson ownership, which began in 1994, the company name changed to Thomson – IBL, and the market focus widened to encompass both automotive and aerospace markets.  New manufacturing methods and materials have allowed the production of ball screws for Electric-Brake and Active Roll Bar applications. The transition to Danaher was completed in 2003 with relocation to the current Roundswell manufacturing site.  .

Now a part of PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC, THOMSON AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE BALL SCREWS AND ACTUATORS are found in a variety of aerospace and defense applications from high lift and primary flight controls on the latest commercial and military aircraft to weapons and sensor systems on advanced military ground vehicles. Custom and COTS motion control to meet the most demanding environments on Land, Sea and Air.  Also firmly a part of Thomson Aerospace & Defense, Thomson – IBL is highly focused on the Aerospace & Defense Industry.