Our history stretches from the first ball screw in an aviation application, Boeing B29 in 1939, to seeker gimbal stabilization in modern missiles.
More than anyone, we know that all ball screws are not alike. Thomson Aerospace and Defense is the continuing source for the latest ball screw technologies. We have invested 70+ years in research and development, earning over 100 ball screw technology patents. Core strengths in ball screw design are energized with our global infrastructure and systematic excellence in manufacturing. This is why Thomson Ball Screws from Thomson Aerospace and Defense are your very best choice for the aerospace and defense industry.
Presented here is an outline of materials used, design features and tangible benefits provided by Thomson A&D.

capabilities-04WIPER TECHNOLOGY: Keeping it clean under all conditions

Thomson Aerospace and Defense is the leader in ball screw wiper technology. Patented designs include multi-piece wipers/ice scrapers to thin section multi-directional lip seals. We use the best proven materials fillers. We ensure compliance in even the harshest environments, help prevent contaminant ingression and, at the same time, protect and preserve the internal product features and lubricants.
Elastomeric with Nitrile compounds as well as Nylons and Teflon's.



capabilities-05ADVANCED DESIGN: Redundant load systems for maximum reliability
Critical to superior ball screw design is the challenge of increasing
reliability while keeping weight and envelope to a minimum. Thomson
Ball Screws meet the challenge head-on with these built-in redundancy features.


HEAT TREAT TECHNOLOGY: Fine tuning design and materials

  • Thomson A&D Ball Screws are optimized by accurately heat-treating as a result we are better able to ensure product integrity.
  • Materials are selected to meet exacting customer needs, stabilizing lead accuracy and suppressing aging deformation.
  • Thomson holds an industry leadership position, in part; by Ownership of these technologies enable us to perform
  • maintaining our own facilities for heat-treating and plating selective case hardening for improved wear resistance
  • maintained by our own A2LA accredited metallurgical laboratory. without compromising structural resilience. Available

heat-treating options include:


capabilities-07REDUCED MAINTENANCE: Value added to each Thomson Ball Screw

Very important in Thomson A&D Ball Screws design is the balance of form, fit and materials to promote ease of use and long life. Superior design combines with systematic excellence in our manufacturing processes to substantially reduce maintenance intervals.

  • Reduced maintenance is achieved by:
  • Harder raceways for reduced wear
  • Highest quality wiper and sealing systems
  • Patented scraping systems to eliminate ice damage
  • Internal ball re-circulation systems to minimize handling damage
  • High technology lubricants for increased shelf life


IMPROVED RELIABILITY: Decades of success

Reliability is critical for any actuation product. Superior reliability is one more reason why ball screws from Thomson Aerospace and Defense have been a first choice of aerospace design engineers for over 70 years. We have a thorough understanding of the latest technologies and are motivated with a relentless pursuit of perfection.
Thomson Aerospace and Defense's engineering expertise tops the industry. Our record speaks for itself, for example: a 2002 study covering several hundred million hours of primary flight control application revealed Thomson Ball Screws were seven times more reliable than comparable industry norms.

ENGINEERING CAPABILITIES: The best team with the right equipment

Thomson Aerospace and Defense's engineering capability is without peer. Key to that capability is our staff of application and engineering professionals. We are passionate about recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent available - people who use their skills, creativity and integrity to develop innovative ways to meet customer needs. The best team is equipped with state of the art design tools such as 3D CAD/CAM, FEA and Simulation, and rapid prototyping facilities. We remain keenly attuned to actual field service experience through our FAA certified repair station with over 15,000 ball screw condition reports on file. We are able to respond to your unique application challenges in a timely fashion with accurate, cost effective proposals complete with specifications, product detail, and appropriate analysis functionalities in our laboratory, design and development.










capabilities-10Thomson Aerospace and Defense is known the world over as the leading supplier of linear motion technologies. We are proud of our rich tradition of "firsts in the industry" including:

  • First ball screw in aviation application, 1939, Boeing B-29
  • Multi-extend telescoping screws
  • Chrome plating and other special coatings
  • Multi-piece redundant load carrying wiper/scraper elements
  • Multi-redundancy load bearing elements for improved reliability
  • Lightweight titanium and other special materials for weight critical application
  • First engine pylon conversion actuator, with redundant multi-extend
  • Over 100 patents dedicated strictly to ball screw technology




Thomson Ball Screws are found in a variety of aerospace and defense applications from fl ap/slat actuation on the B-1 and C-5 to canopy actuation on the F-22. Other current applications include rocket launchers, smart directed munitions, armored tank turrets, communication dishes and many commercial aviation products.
Our latest technology ball screws expand their proven track record of performance to withstand the most vigorous demands of aerospace and defense industries.capabilities-12