FAA / EASA Approved Repair and Overhaul Service for Ball Screws

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Our expert ball screw repair and repair and overhaul service, performed at our FAA-approved repair station in Saginaw, Michigan, is available for the repair of ball screws of any make, size or age. Our aerospace engineers and repair technicians restore worn ball screw assemblies to their original specifications on a daily basis, providing the highest reliability and the lowest cost for ball screw maintenance and ball screw repair. Customers utilizing our repair and overhaul service will:

  • Reduce aircraft downtime
  • Save 35-50% compared to the cost of new ball screw
  • Extend ball screw service life
  • Reduce overall lifecycle cost


At Thomson Aerospace and Defense, we recognize the high cost of aircraft downtime. Our ball screw repair and overhaul station is geared to put aircraft back into revenue service as quickly as possible. To help ensure this happens, we:

  • Provide a firm, fixed price contract for repair and overhaul work
  • Maintain an inventory of new and repair and overhauled assemblies
  • Provide exchange units in advance where required
  • Provide a three-year warranty on all rebuilt assemblies
  • Provide a five-year warranty on new assemblies
In many cases we can provide a 10 -15 day turn around.


Thomson Aerospace and Defense engineers, metallurgists, production specialists and customer service representatives provide the industry‘s most reliable repair and overhaul service. We evaluate the condition and performance characteristics of each ball screw shipped to us, including:

  • Straightness
  • Ball groove form
  • Wear
  • Metal fatigue
  • Chrome coverage
  • Bearing surfaces and attachment points


Once the initial inspection is complete, we provide a detailed assessment along with recommendations for repair or remanufacture. Depending on the condition, we will advise the most suitable method of repair in order to provide “like new” performance at the lowest cost. Using the latest technology, we will rebuild your assembly per the repair and overhaul manual specifications. The repair and overhaul process includes:

  • Eddy current inspection
  • Chrome strip and replate
  • Replacement of worn components
  • Efficiency testing
  • Backlash testing
  • Wiper torque testing
  • Lubricant retention


As a result, each ball screw assembly that leaves our repair and overhaul and repair facility meets the same stringent performance criteria as a new assembly. We are so confident in our service and quality control that each repaired assembly carries a three-year warranty covering any defects in material or workmanship.