Miniature Ball Screw


The term “miniature” ball screws is usually acknowledged to be those ball screws with a screwshaft diameter of 10mm (0 .390” ) or less.

Miniature1Within the aerospace community, ball screws that qualify for the term “miniature” have been widely applicated, especially in the Precision Munitions guidance systems.  The miniature ball screw is also found within fuel systems, and as the 21st Century unfolds, they are being increasingly applicated on unmanned arial platforms. Thomson Aerospace has many successful miniature ball screw applications, on both sides of the Atlantic, for these and other applications.

Mininature2The rugged nature of aerospace is continuingly “pushing the envelope” on the selection of miniature ball screw materials and processes to meet customer requirements. To select new and untried miniature ball screw solutions, qualification & testing becomes key. At Thomson we have proggramable miniature qualification / endurance test rigs capable of delivering the high speed, high load, fast response encountered in service. The broad range of materials and manufacturing processes available allow the design team to offer miniature ball screw proposals that are low cost and effective solutions to meet customer requirements.


Contact the Thomson Team today, whatever your application, load, or environment. We will applicate current knowledge wherever possible, but if your need requires we are not afraid to seek and propose new solutions, then manufacture & qualify prior to production. Once into production, volumes are of no concern. From hundreds per month in dedicated cells, to that single 10 piece order; you will find Thomson Aerospace & Defense to be a more than capable partner.